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注册买球送现金-天津体育学院Our faculty and researchers are among the top leaders in their fields.

Top Ranked Graduate Program

Take the next step in your career with an advanced degree from Michigan Engineering.

Invested in Breakthroughs

注册买球送现金-天津体育学院Students and faculty collaborate on breakthrough research across disciplines, campus and the world.

Kirigami sensor patch

Inspired by the Japanese art of paper cutting, new flexible sensors can fit to unique body shapes and track movement. Researchers say the sensors could improve injury recovery and athletic training.

In a dark room, a student wearing sunglasses peers into a tank emitting green light

注册买球送现金-天津体育学院The intersection between engineering, the world and the University of Michigan.

man standing in front of tree in the amazon

See how Valeriy Ivanov's work in the Tapajós National Forest is helping us form an essential understanding of life in the rainforest–and around the world.

A place where all can play

Through augmented reality system iGYM, one U-M Engineering professor is breaking down barriers to allow disabled and able-bodied people play physical games together.

Female scientist working at a computer while holding her toddler son
Sumerya Emre, biomedical engineering PhD
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